Horse Riding

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Our horse riding holidays are aimed at those who are looking for the wonderful experience of a holiday on horseback for all skill levels and interests that can include your non-horsey companion. These holidays often include a great group atmosphere where you can meet down-to- earth riders and new friends. Our team will carefully choose the horse that suits your personal comfort level to ensure that you have a safe, fun and unique horse adventure. It's a unique experience for which we have specially selected horses for this activity, noble, trustworthy, tamed, and overall very well used to the both - mountain landscape and climate, as well as far distinct semi-desert landscapes and climate.

Best Seasons

  • Spring,Summer,Autumn

Popular Locations

  • Svaneti
  • Kazbegi
  • Khevsureti
  • Tusheti
  • Vashlovani
  • Borjomi

Explore Semi-desert landscapes of Vashlovani in 4 days3 Days

Georgia - a country with thousands of years of history at the crossroad of Europe and Asia. Stunning mountain landscapes, exceptional hospitality and cuisine, long history of winemaking and many other ...

Rated 2 People


Weekend horseback riding trip to Vashlovani National Park

An adventurous ride from our stable through grain fields and along beautiful green hillsides. Look for different rock formations whilst experiencing the unique gait of the Tushetian horses. This tour ...

Rated 5 People


Weekend Horse riding in Pankisi valley

Alvani and Pankisi valley are located in Kakheti, Akhmeta district, populated by the two most interesting ethnic-groups - Tush and Kist people, that makes this trip double more interesting because of ...

Rated 3 People


Horse riding form Vashlovani NP to David-Gareja monastery7 Days

Vashlovani Protected areas are located at the very south-eastern part of Georgia – Dedoplistskaro district. It’s called Georgian savanna, because of its semi-desert landscapes and vegetati ...

Rated 4 People


Ride 250km to the winter pasture of Vashlovani NP8 Days

If you have ever rounded up and driven horses in miles of open country, you know it's not just a ride in the park! Driving horses 50 km a day through the Greater Caucasus Mountains and over the 3000-m ...

Rated 11 People


Ride across 8 Greater Caucasus mountain passes

We present here a truly wonderful tour into the fascinating protected areas of Georgia – Kazbegi, Khevsureti and Tusheti.  The riding in this wonderland of nature is pure joy. This is the 8 ...

Rated 5 People


Discover vineyards of Kakheti by horses7 Days

The great opportunity for horse riding in premier wine-producing area. It is a great location for wine lovers, as it is known for its wine culture, but wine is not the only thing Kakheti offers.Horse ...

Rated 7 People


6 days in Semi-desert of Georgia5 Days

Where Deserts and Forests Meet – The region of Vashlovani National Park is remarkable for its hot and dry climate and unique nature. Driving through Vashlovani Protected Areas, you could be forg ...

Rated 10 People


Svaneti under your horse hooves

If you are an experienced or inexperienced horse rider we invite you to explore Svaneti on our week long day journey where every day we would cover about 25km - 35km.Situated on the southern slopes of ...

Rated 4 People


Annual Spring horse drive to Tusheti7 Days

If you want to relax surrounded by beautiful nature, do plenty of horseback riding and discover the diversity of the two, Southern and northern parts of Kakheti region, witness one of nature’s g ...

Rated 12 People