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Agro tours  in an ancient agricultural region

Our aim is to connect individuals and small groups to traditional rural life, and activities related to it, which provide enjoyable and educational experiences, to share all these traditions to our conscious-minded travellers and outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the experience of meeting new people, learning about their customs and traditions, and exploring beautiful landscapes. The experience of staying on a farm allows visitors to rediscover the traditions lost in many societies. By living with a host family guests will get to know the rhythm of rural life, experience the sounds and smells, see how a farm is managed first hand, eat fresh organic food, explore the beautiful landscapes and get to know the local people, their culture and history.

Best Seasons

  • Summer,spring,autumn

Popular Locations

  • Georgia
  • azerbaijan
  • armenia

Weekend with lambs in Vashlovani1 Days

Vashlovani Protected Areas have long been used as winter pastures, which are of great importance for the population of the Eastern Georgian regions, where livestock breeding is a traditional sector of ...

Rated 3 People


Ride 250km to the winter pasture of Vashlovani NP8 Days

If you have ever rounded up and driven horses in miles of open country, you know it's not just a ride in the park! Driving horses 50 km a day through the Greater Caucasus Mountains and over the 3000-m ...

Rated 11 People


Autumn sheep drive from Tusheti to Pankisi valley6 Days

This is the real travel adventure with local people and culture, in the same way as they lived centuries ago. Some of the challenges we’ll face are limited resources, bad weather conditions, an ...

Rated 4 People


Annual spring sheep transhumance to Tusheti

After lambs are born, the sheep are released to the region´s mountain pastures, large boundless alpine areas that aren’t fenced at all.  Depending on the area, the round up can take u ...

Rated 5 People


Annual Spring horse drive to Tusheti7 Days

If you want to relax surrounded by beautiful nature, do plenty of horseback riding and discover the diversity of the two, Southern and northern parts of Kakheti region, witness one of nature’s g ...

Rated 12 People



If you want to experience something authentic this is the tour for you! See baby lambs take their first steps - Meet the new borns in the winter pasture of Vashlovani National Park! Lambing ...

Rated 8 People