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Moto Trekking & 4 WD tours

Travel off-road in a high performance 4WD vehicle with a maximum of 5 people on each car. We take you beyond the crowds. We take you to off-road to remote villages in Caucasus With endless stories and knowledge to share; these tours are tailored for you. Want to drive yourself? Check out our Self Drive 4WD Experience. This chance puts you in the driving seat. Get behind the wheel of one of our 4WD cars while our expert instructors teach you essential off-road skills. Obstacles and challenges include banked turns, ditches, poles! Once on the river our instructor will teach you how to choose the best places to cross and what to look out for in the water.

Best Seasons

  • 4 Seasons

Popular Locations

  • Kakheti
  • Svaneti

MTB adventure in Tusheti

Tusheti is the best area in Georgia for different adventure activities and a new discovery for  MTB lovers. Ancient villages, unchanged since the middle-ages, unique ethno-culture, typical only t ...

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Self Drive off road in Tusheti and Vashlovani National Parks

This might become your  favourite experience in Georgia. We drive in front, know the way and have prepared everything. You can focus entirely on your journey, where you are, what you see, what yo ...

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6 Days Moto-Trekking adventure in Kazbegi and Tusheti

Wondering where to go for your next impressive motorbike trip? Why not join one of our guided motorcycle tours in Georgia? An off-road trail bike adventure in outstanding mountainous regions of Georgi ...

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