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Get a little bit further away from the capital, where you can enjoy nature in an even more dramatic way. Indeed, the country can be trusted with travel destinations where one can find peace or adventure of his choice. Amazing art & culture trips; thrilling outdoor adventures and wildlife expeditions; magnificent historical tours; 
We have prepared a number of one and two days of adventure tour packages for you, and we always endeavor to deliver the best service for our travelers. These tours will allow you to discover new life adventures that you never imagined you could. We ensure an unforgettable experience over a weekend for those seeking a short trip with loved ones or solo.   Weekend getaway from Tbilisi can be planned to the eye-soothing destinations of Kakheti, Vashlovani, Gudauri, Samtskhe-Javakheti and each of them offer a variety of adventure activity opportunities. 

Best Seasons

  • Spring,Summer,Autumn

Popular Locations

  • Georgia

Weekend horseback riding trip to Vashlovani National Park

An adventurous ride from our stable through grain fields and along beautiful green hillsides. Look for different rock formations whilst experiencing the unique gait of the Tushetian horses. This tour ...

Rated 7 People


Weekend with lambs in Vashlovani1 Days

Vashlovani Protected Areas have long been used as winter pastures, which are of great importance for the population of the Eastern Georgian regions, where livestock breeding is a traditional sector of ...

Rated 4 People


Weekend Horse riding in Pankisi valley

Alvani and Pankisi valley are located in Kakheti, Akhmeta district, populated by the two most interesting ethnic-groups - Tush and Kist people, that makes this trip double more interesting because of ...

Rated 8 People